Witness Protection Challenge

If important people and things have protection in place, why shouldn’t the most important relationship you’ll ever have be protected?

The Witness of Christ and the Godhead is so important, we’ve created a challenge around building and growing each testimony – to protect the Witness of Christ.

Your Witness of Christ.

Some people have strong testimonies across the board and don’t feel they need to work on anything. That’s terrific! I’m a little envious of them, but no testimony is given to anyone and everyone is on different levels on their path to exaltation.

A testimony is earned – through trials and blessings and trials.

And more trials.

And more trials.

If you’re more like me, then your testimony is various strengths across the board. Just like muscles, if they’re used, they’re strong. If left alone, they atrophy and break down. Not everyone does squats AND push-ups

Let’s use me as an example.

I have a super strong testimony of tithing but a slightly apathetic one toward Visiting Teaching/Home Teaching. I’ve actually created the Witness Protection Challenge Visiting Teaching/Home Teaching Challenge for myself.

All of the Challengers have been put in place for myself and my family first.

We started with a goal of being more “active” in our beliefs and then decided our testimonies needed to be strengthened. I broke down the basics and created a plan even my 2-year-old could implement.

We revisited our efforts at each quarter mark to see our progression and stalls.

The WPC has been in effect in our house for over two years and it works.

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If you need a more structured goal plan, please check out the various Challenges. There’s bound to be something that can help protect your testimony.

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