The Green Jello Project

Don’t get lost in this world.

The Green Jello Project is all about helping members or new members or wanna-be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints get used to the culture, adapt to the secular idiosyncrasies, and wend through the nomenclature of the Mormon world.

You. You’re here because you’re:

  • Curious (who isn’t, right?)
  • Checking things out ’cause you heard about GJP (dig deeper to find out if the rumors are TRUE!)
  • Questioning (what’s what and what’s not)
  • Flailing (And who hasn’t or isn’t with something?)

Consider GJP your soft spot to fall. Your place to get information, to ask, to find out things, because there’s no judgment here.

GJP was created and is maintained by a convert of the Church. Married to a Lifer*, B.R. Krous doesn’t mess around with flowery phrases or sidestepping the issues. You’re going to get the blunt truth sharpened with easy to understand analogies and accessible tools the GJP family has implemented themselves.

Nothing here is left to chance.

No. Member. Left. Behind.

Let’s manage this journey together.

If you need more detailed guidance on building your testimony and habits, check out the Witness Protection Challenge. Protecting your Witness of Christ and His Gospel. Because nothing is more sacred than your relationship with the Savior.

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