You can’t live on borrowed money forever.

Just like you can’t live on a borrowed testimony forever.



So what do I mean? I mean, it’s okay at the beginning to take things in chunks. To apply your basic testimony in the truthfulness of the gospel to everything under that umbrella. But at some point, your faith in the precepts of the gospel will be put to the test.

If you’re not ready, you won’t be able to act the way your testimony would have you act.

For example, many children grow up attending church and activities, participating in Family Home Evening, learning the finer points of the gospel through Primary and Young Men/Women programs. This is exactly as it should be.

But unless all you’re doing is going through the motions, this plan of coasting along won’t help you in the long run. Sure, it will give you a habit to fall back on, but what about when those children move out from their parents’ home? Well, rituals and schedules change. Now, the time for building their own testimony is upon them.

Or is it?

The opportunity to build and grow their testimonies of Christ and the gospel were there while they had access to good schedules and practices already in place. That would be the time to pray and learn for themselves. Make choices and learn about the sections of the gospel BEFORE they leave home for a mission or college or marriage.

Children should be able to lean on their parents’ testimonies until they develop their own. It’s an important part of transforming their beliefs.

But not everyone is raised in the church.

I wasn’t. I’m a convert. So whose testimony did I borrow?

Well, that’s a longer story than you have time for. But suffice it to say, I didn’t. I went inactive shortly after joining the Church. Then active again. Then inactive.

I borrowed my spouse’s testimony for a while on most of the gospel and then when I decided to become active again, I made the decision that I was in or I was done.

In for me meant I had to actually try.

And then I came up with The Green Jello Project, The Convert’s Guide to Mormon Culture. This was my guide. My decoder ring for me and for other converts.

But then it morphed into more. No member left behind. No testimony left out in the cold.

If you’re living on borrowed testimonies, now is the time to break free. To gain your own.

GJP is here to help.

Check out the different pages. The Blog has numerous themes and there are multiple plans in place to help you.

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Trust me, you got this.

And to make sure you do, I’m here.

You have all the support of the GJP Community at your fingertips.

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