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The Convert’s Guide to Mormon Culture: The Green Jello Project

Guide ebook cover newWritten by a convert for converts/ new members/ nonmembers interested in the cultural nuances associated with the LDS religion.

The Guide/The Green Jello Project does NOT delve into scripture or even the discussions. There is simply an explanation about why you won’t need a steak knife at the Stake House or Stake Center. There really isn’t popcorn on trees. FHE is more than just three letters thrown about in conversation.

It’s to get you past the hurdle and into fitting in that much faster.

You can do it! Spread the love and share with friends.

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The Convert’s Guide to Temple Prep

temple prep ebook

I think I’m ready to go to the temple, now what?

This secular preparation guide walks you through the steps to take and the resources available to prepare the way for temple attendance.

Not created to replace Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints preparation manuals or instructions, this Guide is more of a help in the smaller areas of getting ready to go to your first session – where do I find the proper attire, what is a temple recommend, and how do I get one? Etc.

Join the Green Jello Project and don’t let any member get left behind.

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The Convert’s Journal – Designed to accompany the Guides above


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