Do You Know Someone Leaving for a Mission?

Missions are commonplace in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Church used to do farewells – where friends and family would congregate at the missionary’s main ward to listen to their last talk at the pulpit before they leave for an extremely meaningful 18 to 24 months to serve the Lord. 

**Note: I heard they stopped doing official farewells because there are so many missionaries leaving all the time. This is a huge boon for the Word of God and I hope this is true. When I finish researching the truth of this statement, I will update this post.

And it is meaningful. Each individual is leaving their homes, their friends, their families, everything familiar – except the gospel. 

That and the fact that all over the world other church members are awaiting their arrival, ready to welcome that missionary into their homes for dinner, to shake their hand and ask after them at church, to include them in family holidays and other activities.

Missionaries are not sent out to face the big, dark world alone. They are sent out with the assured knowledge that the family of the church is waiting to take care of them. 

Take heart, my friend, if you know someone is about to embark on their mission. Do not be stressed or anxious for them.

Take heart. 

They are off to do the work of the Lord. To spread His gospel. To partake of many blessings.

One of the biggest steps in their lives.

A question GJP has been asked numerous times is “What do I get my missionary for a good luck gift?”

So, I’ve gathered together a list of things many missionaries have mentioned they loved receiving and things they wish they had in the field. 

I will continue to update this list.

People want to jump to the obvious ones – CTR rings, scriptures, scripture cases, etc. But be cautious with those. Usually, a parent or close friend or other relative is already thinking of these. 

And not everyone lives right next door to a distribution center, right? 

Well, my parents-in-laws are leaving for a mini-mission in Palmyra, New York. We live in the wilds of the northwest – the nearest distribution center or Deseret Books is about an hour and a half away.

I need a card!

Since they’re going on a senior mission, their rules are a little more lenient. For their gift, we purchased two day passes to the Niagara Falls USA Park. But I need a card.

What to do?

Well, fortunately, I do graphic design/digital art for a living. Phew!

Here’s a picture of the front of the card I created for them.

Be Found Temple card Front


You’re welcome to print it off and use it – the PDF is below. I designed it for a standard card stock sheet of paper – 8.5″ by 11″. When it prints, fold it in half and write on the inside. I made it this larger size so everyone in our large family can sign it. 

I used this tutorial to make an envelope for the larger card and it looked amazing. Because of the colors in the picture, I used brown paper bag, but any color would be appropriate. 

The biggest thing that missionaries were grateful for was money or gift cards they could use for their area. Maybe they need a little extra to send a Christmas gift for their family. A missionary in our area likes to donate it to the homeless on the streets as he walks by. 

Regardless of what you give them, know that they are more than grateful for your thoughts and well-wishes. 

Give them a hug!

And congratulations from Green Jello Project. They’re heading out to make our Church family larger. We send them love and prayers.

 Be Found Temple card Front

be found mission cardHold Tight Stationary

Hold tight to the rod Stationary


Seek Thee Every Hour Stationary

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