5 Ways to Strengthen Your Faith

Faith isn’t something you pick up on sale at Macy’s.

You can’t say, “Oh, she’s so lucky, look at how faithful she is.”

No. Faith is more akin to a muscle that you choose to let atrophy or strengthen. Squatting makes your gluteus and quadriceps stronger, but you have to stand up and go through the motions for them to work.

You have to work.

The command is common –

work your faith,

strengthen your faith,

challenge your faith.

But there isn’t a Butt Bible you can buy for your faith like there is for your derriere.

Or is there?

Yes, there is.

In fact, it’s free.

You have many opportunities to work your faith in any given moment. Making the choice to do it is the hardest step.

But, judging from what you’re doing right now (reading a post on strengthening your faith), I’m willing to bet you’re choosing to be more faithful, you just aren’t sure where to start or how to proceed.

Here are 5 ways to strengthen your faith (in any religion or belief system and at any given stage of your journey).

  1. Do it. A testimony on something can’t be developed unless you do it. Actively do it. Having problems with prayer? Kneel down and pray. To start, just be thankful. Do it.
  2. Give yourself a goal. Faith isn’t easily quantifiable – you can’t put it in a measuring cup and say, “yep, I’ve got enough”. But you know how to qualify it. So give yourself a goal like reading scriptures every day – even if it’s just a verse. (Sign up here for a weekly newsletter with daily scripture assignments and other ways to build your testimonies). Make your goal long enough to make a difference and be a challenge but short enough to be attainable. Give yourself a goal.
  3. Share your experiences. Even just talking about your faith is an opportunity to build your testimony. You have more faith than you know, it’s just sometimes hiding from us until we share our experiences with others.
  4. Make a list of priorities. Write down everything important to you. Having a favorite show isn’t stupid either, if it’s important to you, then give it a spot on your list of priorities. It’s the placement on your list that can help or hinder your goal of strengthening your faith. Prioritize your life.
  5. Make a plan. Church attendance is a big way to show and practice faithfulness. Many parents feel they don’t get much out of Sacrament meetings because they are wrangling their children the whole time in a nonstop battle for reverence. But the fact that they showed up displays the true level of their faith. When you decide to do something, you need to arrange your schedule around it. Don’t think you have time? Make a plan using your new priority list and decide what is more important and when. Choose church activities over TV programs, scripture study over games. Make a plan to implement your priorities.

After these 5 steps, melding the teachings of the prophets and gospel into your life will be easier as you continue to choose faithful activities.

Faith is a choice. Not a lucky draw.

Here are GJP’s 2 favorite talks from apostles and prophets of Christ on Faith.

Faith Is Not by Chance, but by Choice

In Summary:

Here are five ways to strengthen your faith.

  1. Do it.
  2. Set goals.
  3. Share your experiences.
  4. List your priorities.
  5. Make a plan.



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